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Interiors Design Services

We take pride in providing the latest and most advanced design solution that will transform your interiors into exceptional spaces
that speak beauty and elegance


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Residential INTERIORS

Home is a central tenet of a family and we value what a comfortable home space can do for your family. We aim at creating just that space for you to cherish your family experiences. Art of home interior design includes concept development, communicating with the client, planning, and execution of works. These four pillars or basics work together to form a combined proficiency. Personal preferences of client, professional experience, and talent of the designer provide the best blueprint. It productively creates a vibrant visual layout before going ahead with real transformation of space. Technical knowledge, experience, and teamwork are essential in execution of the plan into reality. There are many other attributes but these two stages: design and execution mainly decide the outcome. However, all this aside, we feel that your vision of how your home should be is more crucial than anything else. We work together with you and design your home according to your way of living and budget in your minds.

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If you’re looking for someone who can take your interior design ideas and truly do them justice, Glammdec is ready here to help. we provide eye-catching corporate and commercial office and restaurant interior design services in Bangalore , Chennai and surrounding cities Office designs have become an area of much importance and considerations in an age where a major part of the day is spent in the office space. The design not only portrays what your work stands for but also determines the productivity of your employees. When you invest in professional office design, both form and function will come into play. Achieving perfect execution of a design that suits both your business needs and aesthetic wishes can be tough, as you’ll need to balance the quality of installation with the budget of your business, as available. We here are focused on helping you achieve this balance and can implement your office designs with a perfect combination of meticulous craftsmanship and excellent value for money.


We specialize in providing a comprehensive interior designing and delivering solutions and inspiring spaces. We make your home and office beautiful and are eager to know your requirements and provide the best interior design services.
Contact us for conceptualizing and developing the best interior designer services . Get interior quotes for home, hotels and commercial projects . We are well-known interior designer company  for residential, office and commercial interior designers.We have more than 8 years of experience in space planning and designing of commercial and industrial projects, hotel and office projects in Chennai, Bangalore  and other cities .We have a team of highly experienced interior designers and architects , who work closely at every stage of the project.


We specialize in providing a comprehensive interior designing and delivering solutions and inspiring spaces. We make your home and office beautiful and are eager to know your requirements and provide the best interior design services


Each project is developed in its totality; wherein all the parts down to the smallest Interior detail, receive equally dedicated attention. The specification and detailing that goes into every project is of utmost importance and is one of our most salient strengths. Offering an unmatched quality of finishing and detailing, every single feature in a project is designed and considered.


We believe, what works good is better than what looks good . Short lived fashions and regressive styles are shunned, the aim of physical and aesthetic longevity through practicality predominates our design. Personal attention is given to every project ensuring only the highest quality that is long lasting and durable.


Our best works are a result of a pragmatic performance-driven approach to design rather than mere form innovation. We have realized over time, that very often the practical aspect of an idea can improve the aesthetic pleasure one gets from it.Our buildings are planned from the inside out, where exterior forms are a result of interior spatial circulation and performance.


Our team is our most valued resource; We focus on active discussion and collaboration at all levels, which enables every design to reach its most evolved solution. Each project is handled by a talented and dedicated project team who works closely together at every stage of the venture. Depending on size and scope, each project is generally supervised and overlooked by engineers, architects and interior designers.

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What Do You Get in Interior Design Services from GLAMMDEC?

Home Design

  • Living Room Design
  • Bedroom Design
  • Kid’s Room Design
  • Modular Kitchen Design
  • Wardrobe Design and Storage Units
  • Entertainment Units Design
  • Study Tables Design
  • Paintings & Wallpapers Design
  • Ceilings Design
  • Furniture Design

Commercial Design

  • Design and maximization of space,
  • Eco-friendly build and renovation,
  • Ceiling and lighting options,
  • Power and plumbing systems
  • Select wall paintings in appropriate color scheme, fabric, furniture, fittings, lighting, flooring, artwork, and other accessories
  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning
  • Light and other accessories
  • Full Home Interiors

  • 3D Designs and Layouts

  • Flooring & False Ceiling

  • Wall paint & Coverings

  • Electricals & Lighting

  • Customized Furniture

  • Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes

  • Commercial Interiors


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